To link to your guest book, you can make a text link or choose one of the graphics below and use it to link to your book.

Text Links
Copy this code:
<a href=" RE">Sign/View my Christian Guestbook!</a>

Remember to replace where it says "YOURUSERNAMEHERE" with your actual username or it won't work. The link will look like this:
Sign/View my Christian Guestbook!

Image Links
First of all, download one of the images below to your hard drive and then upload it to your web site directory.
Do not link to the images on this server.
 Then you will put a code like this on your page:
<a href=" E"><img src="imagename.gif"></a>

You need to change where it says "imagename.gif" to the name it has in your web directory. Then when your visitor clicks on the image, it will take them to your guestbook.

Use any of these buttons that you want to link to your Guestbook.  Please download them to your hard drive, though, do NOT link to these graphics. Windows users: Put your cursor over the image that you want, click on the right button on your mouse and it will bring up a menu. Then choose save image as and put it in a folder in your hard drive.  Then you can upload it to your directory where you have your web site.
Mac Users: The same instructions for you except that you will hold your mouse button over the image until the menu comes up.

link button black
link button  gold link button  green
link button  book
link button  pearl
link button  pink
link button  silver
link button purple
link button  small white
link button small black

User Contributed Buttons - Check 'em out!
The buttons in this section have been contributed by others for your use.  There is a link to the contributor's site underneath the button if you would like to visit their site.


Beyond the Nativity






Jesus Lives Today



Jesus Lives Today



Do you like to create graphics and buttons?  If you would like to help us out by making some "Sign my Christian Guestbook" buttons, create them and upload them to your web site and then fill in our contact  form at the contact page with the url of the page with the button on it so we can take a look.

We will review them and if we decide to display them here, we will list your name, email, and/or a link to your site (if you want us to) and put your graphic here for others to use!  We reserve the right to  refuse any graphic or link for any reason.  Links to non-Christian or non-family friendly sites will not be considered and the graphics will not be used.