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Welcome to the Member's Area for! Below are links to pages where you can view what the icons and backgrounds look like that you can use.

Icons | Backgrounds | Color Codes | Link Buttons

1. How do I tell people about my Guestbook and how do I link to it?

You can find information on how to make links and some buttons to put on your site on the link buttons page.  Click here

2. How do I delete messages from my guestbook?

When you view your guestbook, there is a link that says "Control" at the bottom of the page.  Click on that and the put in your password. It will then show you your guestbook again with little boxes beside each message. You put a check mark in the box next to the messages that you want to delete and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Delete" button.

3. How do I change the look of my guestbook?

Once you have set it up, if you want to change the look of your guestbook (link to a title image, change the background image, colors, or text colors, just click on the "Modify" button when you are  viewing your guestbook, or go to this address: and put in your guestbook name and password.

4. Why does my information get filled in everytime I view my guestbook?

The guestbook sets a "cookie" on your computer so that you don't have to type in your information every time you go to another guestbook in the same program. Everyone else that signs your guestbook does *not* see this information. Just you.  They will, however, get a cookie set on their computer so that the next guestbook they sign served by our site will already have their name, email address, and URL filled in for them for convenience.

5. How do I make my messages have two background colors like the example guestbook?

When you set up your guestbook or modify it, there are two boxes that say "Upper Area Color" (where the name of your visitor is) and "Bottom Color" (where the body of the message is).  You just  choose a color that you would like it to be and put the corresponding color code there. For a list of color codes, visit this page (you can also choose a color for the thin frame around the messages instead of black)

6. How do I get a background image?

When you set your guestbook up or modify it, just choose a background image that you want and type in the URL of it so that your guestbook can pull it up.  You can use our backgrounds on this page (instructions included), or if you have a background on your site or have permission to link to someone elses graphics, you can use others.

7. How do I get a  background color instead of an image?

All you have to do is leave the "Background" box empty and choose a color code for the "Background Color" box (default is white).  Take a look at the color codes here.

8. How do I change the color of the text on my page?

Choose a color code (click here for examples) and just change the code in the "Font Color" box for the main text on your site, "Link Color" for the color of your links (normally blue), "Vlink" is for  links that have been visited, and "Alink" is for the active links.